Fairview Junior High

February 23rd, 2021

Thank you to all the students who participated in the snowshoeing scavenger hunt! Here are the facts with the correct answers!

1. Snowshoeing joined the Olympics as an official sport in ___1997_________________.
2. Traditionally the most used type of wood to create snowshoes was ___ASH__________.
3. This type of Snowshoe has 2 styles Pointed and Rounded: __YUKON_______________.
4. Before snowshoeing was well known DOG____   ___SLED(DING)________ was a common form of travel.
5. Unscramble for the name of an inspirational animal:  SNOWSHOE HARE___________________
6. Snowshoes keep us above the snow by using _Weight___   ___Distribution________.
7. What is the Mi’Kmaq name for the “Toe Cord”: __Npsisquanigtigi________.
8. The first sunglasses were made of __bone_____ and were created and used by the __inuit____.
9. Traditionally made of wood, modern snowshoes now use this kind of metal more commonly known as: ___aluminum________.

Our grade level winners are:
GRADE 7 - Syesha from 7-3
GRADE 8 - Elissa from 8-6
GRADE 9 - Erika from 9-7

Congratulations winners! You may come to the office to pick out your prize after announcements! Thanks again to all who participated and to all the amazing teachers who contributed to the success of our day!