Fairview Junior High

September 23rd, 2021

Yearbook Meeting - Yearbook meeting will be held in Mme Caracristi's room (# 205) today right at beginning of lunch, so, bring your lunch!


Girls Volleyball – There will be another tryout today after school from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm.


Nourish Your Roots - Remember to buy your Nourish Your Roots box to support healthy eating in our school! Boxes can be ordered up to October 19th, but must  be ordered by September 28th if you want them to be delivered by Thanksgiving. All ordering is on line at https://shop.nourishns.ca/


Immunization Forms – Please check with your home room teachers. Forms are due Monday, September 27. First round of imminization wil be held on November 29-30 for Grade 7s and 8s.


Water Bottles – Reminder to the students, don’t forget to bring your water bottles with you every day. We don’t have cups in the office.  You can fill them using fountains water stations.


PD Day – no school tomorrow for students. Enjoy your long weekend.