Fairview Junior High

September 7th, 2022

Pink Day – Tomorrow is a Pink Day at school – We are standing up against bullying.


Lates and Leaving Early– Reminder to the students, if you come late, please check in the office. Bus students, if you bus are late, you need to come to the office as well to get your excused late slip. If you are leaving early, please come and check out in the office as well.


Water Bottles – Don’t forget to bring your water bottles with you. School doesn’t provide water bottles for students.


Lunch time – If you are walking home for lunch, please come to school by the end of lunch, at 12:20 pm.  Also reminder, for lunch, no bananas and no nuts in school.


Forms – Bring all your colored forms to your home room teachers as soon as possible.


Yearbooks – Grade 8s and 9s students, if you ordered your yearbook last year and didn’t get a chance to pick it up in June, come to the office for your pre-ordered yearbook.