Fairview Junior High

October 27th, 2022

• Girls “B” Volleyball – Your practice is today during lunch time.

• Student Council - A reminder that you have a highly important meeting today at 11:40 in the gymnasium.

• Halloween fun: We have a few more details today about the activities that will be taking place on Halloween. For those who wish to participate in the Costume contest happening at 11:15 in the gymnasium, there is a sign-up sheet on the Admin bulletin board across from the office. No food will be permitted in the Gym during the contest. Please sign up if you wish to participate, however we will be accepting late entries the day of, as long as you show up! A reminder that the categories to be judged are for the scariest, silliest, and most creative. There will also be a prize for the best costume overall, which does not have to specifically fit into one of the aforementioned categories.
After that, we will be heading outside for a Halloween Scavenger Hunt. Anyone can participate in this scavenger hunt, with no sign up necessary! All you have to do is go around the school grounds and look for the twelve ghosts that we have put up, and record their Name and Identifying number, along with where they were found on a piece of loose leaf. The first person from each grade to return to see Ms. Fitzpatrick, in the front of the building with all twelve ghosts and their respective numbers will be awarded a prize.
For more information on both of these events, keep your eyes open for our posters on the walls and keep your ears open for the announcements tomorrow and Monday!

• Bake Sale - the GSA will be having a bake sale next Monday, October 31 for Halloween! Please bring quarters, loonies and toonies on Monday. There will be healthy options as well as some spooky treats!

• Lost and Found – Students, please check the Lost-and-Found bin, it’s your last chance as it will be emptied by Monday.


• PD Day – Is tomorrow. No school for students. Enjoy your long weekend!