Fairview Junior High

October 31st, 2022

• October is Mi'kmaq History Month - Today we conclude our Mi'kmaq Heritage Month. This does not mean that we end our education and learning about Indigenous peoples. A big shout out to Tomassina for doing 3 presentations by grade level on Mi'kmaq art, music and dance, and food. Despite historical efforts to assimilate our indigenous populations, it is evident that the Mi'kmaq are resilient and thriving. Let's continue to learn and to always promote cultural diversity and beauty.

• Girls” A “Volleyball - Congratulations to the team who finished 4th place out of 10 teams on the weekend. The girls accomplished their goal of getting better as a team. Their next game is today at Sacred Heart school. Players are asked to be there by 3:35 PM.

• Bake Sale - the GSA will be having a bake sale today during lunch time! There will be healthy options as well as some spooky treats! But remember – no food allowed in the Gym during costume competition.

• Halloween fun: Today is Halloween! A day that shall not go past uncelebrated. As such, our marvellous Student Council has organized a few activities.
The first being a costume contest. It will begin at 11:15 in the gymnasium with anyone wearing a costume is welcome to compete, even those who did not sign up in advance! There will be prizes for the top costume in the following categories: The Scariest, the silliest, and the most creative. Beyond that, there will also be a prize for the best costume overall, which does not have to exactly fit into one of the categories that we have mentioned. With prizes on the line ranging from gift cards to candy, why would anyone not compete? For all competitors, we ask that you head down to the gym swiftly as the bell rings so that we can get started as soon as possible and leave you with most of your lunch. To anyone else who is not competing, we will be open to spectators. Those watching may come and go as they please, we simply ask that you maintain a respectful and relatively quiet atmosphere. Anyone being boisterous or rowdy will be asked to leave. We also ask that anyone watching or competing listens and obeys student council members as they try to make this as much fun as it can be for all.
As the Costume contest concludes, our second event of the day will be commencing. A scavenger hunt involving all of the school grounds will be starting at 11:40 as the school heads outside. This morning, twelve ghosts were hidden around the outside of the school. Each one has a unique name and identifying number. All one must do to compete is find all twelve ghosts and take down their names and numbers along with where they were found on a piece of looseleaf. A reminder that anyone may participate, however we ask that you do not touch the ghosts, and instead leave them there so that those after you can still play. Once you have found all twelve ghosts, return to the Student Council member at the front of the building to confirm your answers and redeem your prize. There will be a prize for the first to finish from each grade. Good Luck!

• Girls B Volleyball – Your practice is tomorrow from 2:30 to 4:30 PM. We are going to play exhibition games soon so everyone should be there.

• Chess Club – Your meeting was rescheduled for Wednesday. No chess club today, see you on Wednesday after school in Mr. Drake’s room # 107.

• Headstrong Club – Anyone with applications, please bring them to Mr. Wild or to the office. Deadline – Friday, November 4.

• Remembrance Day Assembly - There will be a Remembrance Day meeting for all students interested in participating in the presentation of the assembly. The meeting will begin at 11:15 tomorrow in the library. Anyone who has not yet approached Ms. Chisholm but is interested - you are most welcome to come to this meeting. It is open to grades 7, 8 and 9. If you want to participate but you don't want to speak - we have something for you as well. See you Tuesday, that's tomorrow, at the beginning of lunch in the library.

• Remembrance Day Poster Contest - One week left for our Remembrance Day poster contest. Thank you to those who have already entered in our competition. Last date for submissions is Monday next week.