Fairview Junior High

November 15th, 2022

• Art Class - At the start of lunch can the following students please go to the art room for a quick message: Maya G.; Autumn R.; Michael K.; Tyra P.; Kara W.


• Tutoring - Any grade 9 students interested in tutoring other students are welcome to sign up in Mme Yon's class today during second half of lunch in room # 206.

• Book Buddies – Students who singed-up for Book Buddies, please come today to Ms. Qadi’s room # 118 at 11:40 for your first meeting.

• Dungeons and Dragons - Club will meet after school until 4pm today in room # 205. Don't forget to bring a pencil!

• Jazz Band – Your session is tomorrow during lunch time in Band room.

• Picture Re-Take – Retake is happening tomorrow and it will be only in the morning. Students, remember, it’s a re-take, it’s only for those who missed the picture day or wants to try it again. If you’re happy with your pictures, no need to come. Classes will be called down. 

• GSA – There will be a meeting tomorrow at Lunch in Room # 104. Students who helped with the bake sale must collect their Tupperware.