Fairview Junior High

March 2nd, 2023

• Yearbook Club – There will be a meeting today and tomorrow in the library at lunch. All members are expected to attend and please bring your computer.

• Badminton Practice - There is an intermediate badminton practice today at lunch hour in the gym. Any junior players that have missing practices can also attend at lunch hour. The junior, badminton practice after school has been cancelled due to the weather.

• Fitness Test - All those students who were absent or were injured for fitness testing during their class, there will be fitness testing today at lunch in the gym. Come to the gym immediately following the bell.

• Pi Day - It is March...and 3.14 day is approaching.  See Mr. Drake if you would like to enter the Pi memorization contest which will be held next Thursday as Pi day is officially during March break on the 14th. Last year our winner memorized over 500 digits.  This year we start fresh and a new winner will be crowned so get to work!!

• Freezie Sale – Is tomorrow. See you during the lunch time in the foyer.

• Yearbook Order - Last call for all students who would like to buy a yearbook this year - remember you must pre-order, the final date that we are accepting orders is March 31. Don't wait order today! At the office or online at school cash for $35.