Fairview Junior High

September 22nd, 2023

Terry Fox – Fairview, today we will be celebrating our Terry Fox Run. Terry Fox began his Marathon of Hope when he was 21 years old in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Terry ran through rain, snow, heavy winds and hail as he made his way west across Canada towards British Columbia. He started each day early at 4 am. He did this every day for 143 days. Terry persevered because he felt the need to help those who have cancer. Because of his determination and courage, Terry Fox will always be remembered as a Canadian Hero. Let’s keep his dream alive today as we walk the field in his memory and in honor of all those who have experienced the struggles of Cancer. Your participation in today's event is greatly appreciated!


Boy's Soccer - There will be a practice today after school.


Lost and Found – The purple headphones were found. If you’re looking for them, come to the office.