Fairview Junior High

May 23rd, 2023

• Track-and-Field - Congratulations to all the track and field athlete who competed to their best ability. Again, I received compliments from officials of the politeness of our athletes, Also, congratulations to all those who finished in the top eight of their event and are moving on to regionals tomorrow and Thursday. There will be a full list put on the Phys Ed bulletin board today.

There will be short practises for all those moving on to regionals today - 
Lunch time: high jump and hurdles in the gym; long jump and triple jump outside.
After school: all relay teams, runners, and throwers.
If you cannot be there, let Mr. Gallagher know.

• Softball - There will be a practice today after school at Piercy Field.

• Picture Orders – Reminder Grade 9s students, if you’re placing your picture orders, bring your sealed envelope to the office by the end of the day today.

• Thank You – We would like to say thank you to 9-5 students Jonis Loney and Camila Mantilla for raising money for school supplies!

• Friday Song – If you’d like to hear a song on Friday at the end of the day, submit a song to the office by the end Wednesday. We’ll do the drawing and play the winner’s song on Friday.