Fairview Junior High

March 30th, 2021

Extra Help - Miss McMeekin has extra help today at 12:10 in room 204. Grade 9 English students you have a math test on Thursday, this is a good opportunity to ask some questions and get some help.


Nutrition Month Prizes - Only 1 day left to enter the Nutrition Month contest to win a free recipe book! Send a picture of a healthy meal you eat to Mrs. Gorman (egorman@gnspes.ca) by tomorrow morning to be entered in the draw. The recipe book is called "World Food for Student Cooks" and is full of delicious ideas. Don't miss this chance to get a great source of recipes for free.


Nutrition Month Tips– Today’s Nutrition Month tis is brought you by Nourish Nova Scotia. To be the healthiest you can be, start by adding one more fruit or vegetable a day.


Scent-Free Environment – Reminder the students that our school is scent-free zone. Please don’t wear any cologne or perfume, because we have students and staff members with allergies. 


Water Bottles – Bring your water bottle with you, because there are no cups in the office. If you forgot your water bottle, call your parents.