Fairview Junior High

October 19th, 2022

• October is Mi'kmaq History Month - Strict rules were developed, implemented, and strictly enforced at Indian residential schools to ensure children accepted and adapted the languages, religious beliefs, and ways of life. Here are 5 ways the rules were enforced: 1) Needles inserted into tongues for speaking their language; 2) Leather strap used to hit on various areas of body; 3) Burning and scalding hands; 4) Starvation;
5) Sexual abuse.

• Boys Soccer – The team completed their regular season and qualified for the playoffs with a 9-1 victory over Oxford School. The offence was led by Zeyad Dahab's second hat trick of the season as well as goals by Bashir Alobeidyi, Armaan Seehra, Samuel Cox, Arad Farahmand and Krykos Theoharpoulos. The semi-final will be tomorrow against St. Anges at 4pm at the Glenbourne Soccer Field.

• Girls Soccer – There is a game today against Clayton Park at 5:15 pm on Glenbourne field. Best of luck!

• GSA – There will be a meeting today at lunch in room # 104.

• Yearbook – There will be a meeting tomorrow during the lunch time in the Library.

• Nourish Your Roots – This week is your last chance to support healthy food programs by ordering a farm box that includes a variety of fresh Nova Scotia produce, Deadline is Friday, October 21.

• Remembrance Day Poster Contest - Fairview is having a Poster Contest. The theme: Remembrance Day and honouring our veterans. There will be prizes for the best art work. Bring your art to the office or to Ms. Chisholm's class - room 110. Deadline – November 7.