Fairview Junior High

Staff Directory

Communication between home and school is extremely important.  Emails and calls sent to staff members will be returned within two business days. To reach the main office dial 902-457-8960.

Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Fitzpatrick, Megan 100 % Resource ext. 5401203 mfitzpatrick@gnspes.ca
Abi Daoud, Marie 100% EAL ext. 5401202 MAbiDaoud@hrce.ca
Hallett, Jason 100% Learning Center ext. 5401160 jason.hallett@hrce.ca
Kaczkowski, Hania 50% EAL ext. 5401202 HKaczkowski@hrce.ca
Luke, MacDonald 50% Learning Centre Teacher 50% Resource ext. 5401101 Luke.MacDonald@hrce.ca
Tucker, Jill 7 8 9 FI science ext. 5401248 jtucker@hrce.ca
Melanson (Bungay), Ashlea 7 ELA /7 and 8 Social Studies ext. 5401222 ashlea.melanson@hrce.ca Website
Scott, Bahija 7 FLA ext. 5401110 Bahija.Scott@hrce.ca
Drake, Patrick 7 Math ext. 5401107 pdrake@hrce.ca
Huskins, Trevor 7-9 Band thuskins@gnspes.ca
Graham, Rory 7-9 Core French/9 Healthy Living rory.graham@hrce.ca
Morton, Ashley 8 - 9 Science/8 Healthy Living ext. 5401246 ashley.morton@hrce.ca
Jreige, Chadia 8 and 9 FLA/ 9 Citizenship CJreige@hrce.ca
MacEachern, Timothy 9 ELA and Citizenship tmaceachern@gnspes.ca
Caracristi, Mattea 9 FLA and Ed. Civique mcaracristi@hrce.ca
Kervin, Alison Art akervin@hrce.ca
Yon, Alice Core French 8 Math 9 Science Humaine 8 alice.yon@hrce.ca
Ernest, Jill English 8 ext. 5401207 jernest@hrce.ca
Gorman, Elaine Family Studies egorman@gnspes.ca Website
Genge, Shelby Gr 7 and 8 Science Humaine; 7 Mode de Vie ext. 5401112 agenge@hrce.ca Website
Awad, Mona Gr 7 FI Math ext. 5401108 mawad@gnspes.ca
Chambers, Rachel Gr 8 Math ext. 5401208 rchambers@hrce.ca
Walker, Angela Grade 7 ELA ext. 5401106 awalker@hrce.ca
Wild, Cole Grade 8 and 9 Healthy Living and student support cole.wild@hrce.ca
Whitty, Marion Grade 8 French Immersion Math ext. 5401230 mwhitty@gnspes.ca
Comeau, Stephanie Grade 9 English Grade 8 English scomeau@gnspes.ca
Day, Ryan Healthy Living 7/ Physical Education 7 ext. 5401105 rday@hrce.ca
Renault, Lise Math 9 Imm Science 9 lise.renault@hrce.ca
Smith, Jasmine Physical Education 7 8 9 jasmine.smith@hrce.ca
Gallagher, Peter Physical Education 8-9 pgallagher@hrce.ca
Leclerc, Eric Science 7/Social Studies 7/Healthy Living 7 ext. 5401109 eleclerc@hrce.ca
Joyce, Brian Strings brm.joyce@icloud.com
Murphy, Paul Tech Ed 7-9 ext. 5401011 paul.murphy@hrce.ca


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Romanova, Marina 100% Administrative Assistant 902-457-8960 ext. 0 mromanova@hrce.ca
Reid, Robin 100% School Counsellor ext. 5401004 robin.reid@hrce.ca Website
Dewidar, Marwa 20% Administrative Assistant 902-457-8960 ext. 0 Marwa.Dewidar@hrce.ca
Meehan, Patti 20% School Counsellor 902-457-8960 ext. 0 pmeehan@hrce.ca
Aucoin, Krista Acting Vice Principal ext. 5401002 kristarebecca.aucoin@hrce.ca
March, Leanne Principal ext. 5401001 lmarch@hrce.ca

Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Giles, Lindsay 80 % EPA lgiles@hrce.ca
Hopkinson-Crawford, Brittany 80 % EPA BHopkinsonCrawford@hrce.ca
Magee, Rebecca 80 % EPA rebecca.magee@hrce.ca
Alamoudi, Amani 80 % EPA Amani.Alamoudi@hrce.ca
Lawrence, Wendy Aboriginal Student Support Worker Wendy.Lawrence@hrce.ca
Jordan, Melissa African Nova Scotia Student Support Staff ext. 5401221 melissa.jordan@hrce.ca
Harvey, Robert Caretaker rharvey@hrce.ca
Hayden, Jeff Custodian
MacIsaac, Sheri EPA
Poojari, Rajani EPA rajani.poojari@hrce.ca
Purcell, Marilyn EPA marilyn.purcell@hrce.ca
Kelly, Stacie EPA stacie.kelly@hrce.ca
MacPherson , Lisa Librarian LMacPherson@hrce.ca Website
Derocher, Rachel School Social Worker 902-476-6311 rderocher@hrce.ca
Pero, Bonnie Schools Plus Assistant Leader 902-399-8314 bpero@hrce.ca
Caines, Melissa Schools Plus Community Outreach Worker 902-483-5960 mcaines@hrce.ca
Lewis, Sarah Sign Language Interpreter sarah_lewis@apsea.ca
Roche-Evans, Jessica Sign Language Interpreter Jessica_Roche@apsea.ca
Al-Sayed, Nadin YMCA Support Worker nadin.alsayed@halifax.ymca.ca